A Costa da Morte

On Costa da Morte, whose nickname is not a chance, as remember us the more than 150 registered shipwrecks it is this chunk of the Galician coast, we meet a littoral of incomparable beauty, where the smell of sea, its abrupt cliffs, the rocks worked by the wind or the walks along its villages, immerse us in an unforgettable landscape.

Guide content

It’s said that the best beaches of Spain are in Galicia, which it’s sure is that any of 23 beaches selected in this guide, not urban all of them, with a low degree of occupation, the concept "the first line of beach" does not exist, simply enjoy the sun, the landscape and the tranquility that is breathed at them.

What to see
From the Sisarga’s islands or the natural space of A Insua up to the abrupt cliffs of CaboTouriñán and Finisterre, its legends, its villages or cozy and sheltered sea ports. The place is probably it of less, to every step you will discover that the Costa da Morte hides secrets guarded during centuries of isolation.

Fiestas and events of touristic interest
On Costa da Morte the “fiestas” abound, specially the summers months. Besides the patron saint's day celebrations, which are celebrated in all the parishes, there exists a great quantity of events of gastronomic,
artistic and cultural type. In this guide are included the most significant.

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